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„Două capitale europene ale culturii – Plovdiv 2019 și Timișoara 2021 – și-au unit forțele într-un volum colectiv pentru a sublinia...


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2021 may feel light years away for some, but for us it is just around the corner. The preparation years for Timisoara Capital of Culture are vital...

Cultural Strategy of Timisoara



Whether you feel it or not, everything comes from within.

I didn't know Romanians loved flamenco so munch. We had here in Timisoara an audience that listened with their hearts, not their ears.

Flamenco, Spain

The hospitality of people and the fact that so many languages are spoken here is what amazes me the most. People are very open. I'm glad these things play an important role in academic life, also. There are very few places where there is this harmonious cohabitation between different cultural groups. What has been possible here since the 9th century would be quite difficult to obtain anywhere...

Willibald Steinmetz
Historian, Bielefeld University

There are two things that I find attractive about this town. The first would be the Central-European architectural style. There are remains of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at each step. I love the squares, the parks by the canal. The second would be the multiculturalism of the city. It's visible how the city was formed by the interaction of different social groups. Something of the Old Europe is...

Michael Freeden
Historian, University of Oxford

I didn't know much about Timisoara, I had just seen the name in our books on contemporary history that mention Banat. I'm impressed by these capitals of micro-regions such as Banat or Transylvania. They are urban centers that have taken over responsibility for preserving traditions. For people coming from a central European country, it is very impressive to see these alternatives.

Maurice Aymard
Historian, L’ecole des hautes etudes en sciences sociales

I had read Robert Musil's "The Man Without Qualities" before visiting Timisoara and, when I arrived here, I felt as if I had stepped into the novel. I was positively charmed by the Unirii Square. On one side - the Catholic Church, on the other - the Orthodox Church. Opposite the Baroque Palace there is the Nikolaus Lenau school, which I knew Herta Müller had attended; later I found out that...

Hans-Erich Bödeker
Historian, the Göttingen University

When I left the country, Timisoara still had the atmosphere of the '90s, after the Revolution. Timisoara does things so impetuously, whole-heartedly. It's this blend of Central and Eastern Europe. It has a unique atmosphere. If you go to Vienna, it's not the same; it's much more anchored in Western Europe, but here, it still feels eastern. Plus, the audience is great here - very open.

Lucian Ban
Composer and Pianist

We loved being the resident band of PLAI Festival and see before us such a welcoming, receptive crowd. This is certainly the merit of Timisoara and the multiculturalism that we've heard and seen so much about in the four days we've spent here.

Light in Babylon
Worldmusic, Turcia

We are overwhelmed by your hospitality. Moreover, the Banat Village Museum has a wooden stage, which is one of the best for us, acoustically; our music can be heard very well when it is played on a wooden stage. But what we loved most is that Timisoara and PLAI Festival are teeming with youth.

Tito Paris
Cabo Verde

Ever since I got here, everybody has been treating me wonderfully. I even got to see the city a bit; those buildings in Unirii Square are gorgeous. I was very sad not to have a guide with me, to explain to me what I was seeing, but next time I'll certainly take a local with!

Andreea Miltnerova
Ballerina, the Czech Republic

When I saw Miss Timisoara for the first time, I was 17. It was a brief, intense look that I gave her. She seemed cold, distant, perhaps even a little conceited. But at the same time elegant, refined, mysterious. Cosmopolitan. Not easily approachable, I mean. I went back home, still thinking about her. I had a choice to make. Napoca had her advantages as well. Closer and handier was yet another...

Robert Şerban
Miss Timişoara

I have very strong connections with Romania; my grandfather was Romanian; he was from Sibiu, and he left to Austria very many years ago. I'm very glad I could be here at JazzTM, in a country I've heard so much about. And Timisoara is a gorgeous city, with warm people, who welcomed us with open arms.

Steph Kondert
The Ruff Pack

I wish you all the luck in your European Capital of Culture candidacy. I know that this title brings, besides European funds, a sea of tourists, and your city - as much as I could see of it, anyway - has a lot to show the world.

Rami Khalife

I had no idea that the place where JazzTM takes place has such a rich history and that it's such a meaningful place for this country. We're honored to be here.

Liv Warfield w/ The NPG Hornz

I went out for a walk around town, to feel its pulse. Timisoara is incredibly alive and full of history, and this is visible within the first five minutes you spend in the center.

Marcus Miller

Timisoara, you're a wonderful audience! I promise to return whenever you invite me back to this beautiful city, and that gorgeous cathedral in the background. Thank you!

Dianne Reeves

I saw that Timisoara is a living city, with people that have a deep understanding of jazz, and this says a lot about the culture dimension of the area.

Guillaume Perret

A living festival in a living place. Timisoara welcomed us open arms, and the audience here showed us that the place is ready for any large cultural event. Thank you for everything, we look forward to coming back!

Asian Dub Foundation

Everything starts in Timisoara. That is why we chose to launch our first album here. We play a lot of instrumental, fusion music and we love that we can live it, here.


We created here a project that could potentially pass beyond the borders: Subcarpaţi + orchestra. And I don't think it would have been doable anywhere else.

Mircea Ardeleanu Jr.
Subcarpaţi + orchestra

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