TMwork: Thematical and Intensive Seminars, Intended for Development of Cultural Operators

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Timișoara-European Capital of Culture Association in partnership with Ambasada, launches a new


for  TMwork seminars application, a series destined for cultural operators competence development and which make part of the main capacity development component of the cultural programme: POWER STATION 



The Power Station is a unique and multi-layered action, rooted in the process of building a cultural program, mapping fields for strategic intervention. Few cultural operators, independent or institutional, among local partners of TM2021 have sufficient experience of managing large-scale European cooperation projects. Our strong focus on audience engagement and community outreach creates further expectations on us all.

This capacity building strand will support a critical mass of culturemakers to develop skills.

The formats are:

  • organized study visits, both to and from Timisoara
  • short intense seminars on specific issues – TMwork
  • training sessions and praxis – Engagement Unit

When will it take place? 4-5th of October and 25-26th of October 2017

Participation is free and it’s based on the online registration by filling in the following online form


TMwork #1:

Money. Culture. Europe. Power.

4-5 october 2017

The capacity to realize dreams is very much dependent on available resources. Both human (competence) and economic (money). There is no way around this.

Today both independent initiatives and institutions face the challenge of multiple sources of income for cultural initiatives. The crisis of public financing and increasing demands on the role culture plays in society make it necessary to understand the cultural eco-system: where the money is, how it is used, who decides.

Both the EU and local governments see culture as a powerful factor for development. It stimulates critical thinking and active citizens.

Adam Jeanes is presently Head of the Music Department, Arts Council England/London (UK). He has worked as financial director and consultant in a large number of international initiatives through the past years, both EU financed projects (, and through Visiting Arts (UK) where he was deputy director for a number of years.

Adam’s experience with both independent and institutional projects gives him a unique insight into the structures and skills necessary for managing multiple financing sources and partnerships. We will also invite Romanian associations that have partnered in EU financed projects or financing programs with private foundations.



Access to, and clever management of, money is a key factor to the influence and impact our projects can have, combined together to place Timisoara on the European cultural map.

Two days of shared experiences and practical excercises, with a focus on Timisoara’s development. Especially created for partners of TM2021, independent associations and cultural institutions, freelance producers and “wannabe” operators.

Professional target groups: directors, curators, economic administrators, EU project leaders, serious activsists, cultural accountants and consultants.


4 october, 10 – 16:00.

5 october, 10:00 – 16:00.

Place: Ambasada


TMwork #2:

Citizens. Visitors. Community.

25-26 october 2017

Art without audience is neither fruitful nor interesting. To give meaning to expressed ideas, images or sounds, someone must be listening, watching, sharing.

When Audience is limited – by education, by money, by age or background – then the Art becomes limited too.

Every cultural initiative, institutional or independent, needs an engagement strategy. Targeting audiences who could be stimulated by the program we offer, finding connections between different citizens groups. Timisoara 2021 has placed the highest priority on opening doors to cultural experiences for all citizens, not just privileged groups. We put audiences at the center of our Cultural Programme.

Cristina da Milano is one of Europe’s most respected experts in audience engagement and development strategies. With her organisation ECCOM (Rome, Italy), she has formed programs for large-scale museums and smaller cultural independents. She was also part of the Core Team, together with TM2021 artistic director Chris Torch, that recently delivered a 1 year study to the EU, focusing on new approaches across Europe for audience engagement.

Two days of “tools and rules” for generating broader and deeper interest for our cultural events. Practical exercises and case studies from diverse organisations throughout Europe.


Professional target groups: communicators, marketing specialists, artistic directors, animators, festival or event directors, leaders of cultural associations.



25 october, kl 10 – 16:00.

26 october, 10:00 – 16:00.

Place: Ambasada


You can apply at the TMwork seminars until 25th of September 2017 by filling in the online form. The results of the applications will be notified to the participants until 29th of September.