Cafe21 Neighborhoods // A Europe of communities?

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Uncategorized / 4 May 2017 / Posted by Timisoara2021

Let’s sit down and talk. Let’s find a place at a table, join some friends. Buy a beer and lean back. Let’s talk.
The TM2021 team prepares nomadic episodes of “thinking together”, in different cafés and bars in our city. Café 21 forms a platform for making citizens’ concerns visible, a space where cultural (x)change is possible. Let’s invite a few friends, some people from places far away, others local and active. Listen to some good music and even some silence. Discussions take place, of course, in both English and Romanian.

The format is simple. Everyone can speak.

TM2021 invites you to take part at the first meeting within the series, Cafe21 NEIGHBORHOODS // A Europe of communities? to discuss about What happens where people live, what do we know about each other and how are we connected, about how culture is always rooted in the local and how can we make it grow?

Invited guests:

Valerij Jurešić, director of Culture & Sport, County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar, initiator of the long term project 27 NEIGHBOURHOODS, developed for Rijeka 2020

Călin Rus, director of The Intercultural Institute from Timișoara and community activist

Moderators TM 2021:

Simona Neumann, executive director

Chris Torch, artistic director


Beck Corlan & Neighbours