Creative Producers

The Cultural Programme of Timisoara 2021 may already be in place, but we haven’t got it all figured out. There are still so many untapped ideas out there, waiting to be uncovered, carefully selected and implemented within the framework of TM2021.

With this goal in mind, our team would not be complete without a group of creative producers, whom we also call TERRITORY MANAGERS. Could you imagine yourself one?

Fast forward one year:

  • During the StartUp phase of TM2021 you have (almost literally) been the extension of the Artistic Director in your assigned sector.
  • We never thought we could find a person with both creative vision and good business sense (understanding management and finance, keeping an eye on planning and production budgets), but there you were, turning ideas into full-blown projects!
  • You have prepared more than 20 specific artistic interventions, with a view to maintaining the coherence of the Cultural Programme.
  • From the interventions you were responsible for, you have already delivered 10, putting to good use your experience in project management and development (of various events on a local or international level).
  • Your intercultural ability, excellent communication and leadership skills enabled you to bring together a creative and talented team and supervise the development process, as well as quickly solve problems along the way, while under pressure.
  • Although we were not looking for a hostage negotiator :), it was clear to us that your influencing and negotiation skills would facilitate your collaboration with venues, partners, artists and suppliers for the ongoing projects.


To be continued…
Curious about the next chapters of these stories? Take your pick and imagine writing one of them yourself.

Our vision is to redefine Timisoara’s international cultural profile, overcome citizens’ passivity, generate a new sense of community, in brief to reignite ‘’the spirit of Timisoara’’, this time through culture. Join us in this Journey. We promise no 9 to 5 jobs, but we offer unchartered cultural territories to explore.

If you’d like any of the stories above to be yours, send your CV in Romanian and English to until the 1st of August 2017, specifying the position you are interested in. Don’t forget to include a maximum one-page write-up describing your role in a project/activity/initiative/experience that you are most proud of and consider relevant for the job in question.

Please note that Romanian language at mother tongue level with excellent writing skills and very good proven English skills (written and spoken) are mandatory. Knowledge of regional languages (Hungarian, Serbian, German, Italian, etc.) is considered an advantage.

The initial screening and interviews will be carried out by AIMS International Romania, Timisoara office, an independent HR consultancy, recruitment and training company. The final interviews will be conducted between 17-18 of August 2017 in both Romanian and English. We can hardly wait to start working with you – even as early as the 1st of September, if that suits you.