History of Timisoara

    Timisoara’s premiers: first city with electric lighting on streets, the oldest brewery in Romania, the first free city in Romania.

   Over the centuries, in Banat there were many premiers. On the streets of Timisoara run the first electric tram in Romania. Here has been published the first newspaper in Romania and also the first German newspaper in South-East Europe “Temeswarer Nachrichten”. We invite you to comment on which premiere you find most important


Tramvaiul electric pe Bulevardul Regele Ferdinand

Below is a list of the most important premiers that are related to Timisoara and Banat.

1718 – the oldest brewery in Romania

1718 – atestarea celei mai vechi fabrici de bere din România

1718 – the oldest brewery in Romania



1718 – the opening of the first elementary school in Romania

1728 – beginning of sewerage of Bega, the first navigable channel in Romania

Primul canal navigabil din România

beginning of sewerage of Bega, the first navigable channel in Romania


1745 – building of the first hospital in Romania ( 24 years before Vienna and 34 before Budapest)

1753 –  Permanent theater season ( third city in the Habsburg Monarchy after Vienna and Budapest)

1760 – first city in the monarchy with streets with electric lightening

1771 – the publishing of the first newspaper in Romania and also the first german newspaper in the South-East Europe: “Temeswarer nachrichten”

1815 – the library of Josef Klapka, the first public library from the Habsburg Empire, the Hungarian Kingdom and the Romanian territories

1818 – for the first time in Central Europe, in Timisoara it is administered anti-variola vaccine

1823 – Bolyai Janos announces in Timisoara the discovery of the first non-euclidean geometry in the world

1847 – the first concert outside of Vienna of Johann Strauss, the son

1855 – first city in the Habsburg Monarchy with gas lightening streets

1884 – first city in Europe with electric lightening streets, 731 lamps

primul oraş de pe continentul european cu străzile iluminate electric, cu 731 de lămpi

1884 – first city in Europe with electric lightening streets, 731 lamps

1886 – first ambulance from Hungary and Romania

1895 – first paved street

1899 – first electric tram in Romania

1938 – world premiere, the first welding machine for train and tram rails, invention of Professor Corneliu Miclosi

1953 – first European city with three theaters in three languages: romanian, german and hungarian

1969 – Professor PhD. Ghemanescu publishes the first encyclopedic functional equations treaty in the world

1989 – first free city in Romania

primul oraş liber din România

1989 – first free city in Romania

1992 – the first laparoscopic surgery in gynecology and first breaths implants in plastic surgery ( in collaboration with Heidelberg Gynecology Clinic)

1993 – the first laparoscopic total hysterectomy ( in collaboration with Kiel Clinic)

1995 – achieving in vitro fertilization and human embryo transfer in Romania; establishing the first Center of Laparoscopy, Laparoscopic Surgery and In Vitro Fertilization, Timisoara

1996 – the birth of the first child conceived in vitro in Romania and the first embryo transfer to the mother, done by Professor Ioan Munteanu’s team

2000 – first city in Romania to have a social-economic development strategy, designed by City Hall

2001 – the first information kiosks network in Romania, made by City Hall

2001 – first laser heart surgery in Romania

2001 – first social project to involve the community in solving social problems – Faenza House – pilot for children with autism, done by City Hall in partnership with Faenza City Hall

2001 – first public hearing organized by the City Council of Timisoara

2002 – national premiere in introducing tax payment by internet

2002 – organizing the first international standard triathlon in Romania, the Athletic Club Marathon

2002 – first published newspaper by a City Hall ( “Monitorul Primariei”)

2003 – introduction of the new traffic system ( “green light”)

2003 – the first sculpture park, situated at the intersection of Mures Street and Martirilor Way

2003 – national premiere in broadcasting on the internet the Local Council meetings

2003 – first transplant of hematopoietic stem cells to regenerate heart muscle to a patient with acute infarction ( the first in East Europe, Professor MD. Stefan I. Dragulescu)


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