We have put audiences at the core of TM2021, in our pursuit to empower citizens to make a difference in the life of our city. Reaching diverse and larger audiences, stimulating their participation and enthusiasm during the preparation years is an essential success factor of the cultural vision for 2021.

This is where the ENGAGEMENT UNIT COORDINATOR comes in. Why don’t we take a jump in time?

Fast forward one year:

  • You have successfully navigated the StartUp phase of the TM2021 Cultural Programme. We can already feel your excitement for the next!
  • Thanks to you, we are now working with approximately 200 active and dedicated volunteers. You made it all seem easy and natural, especially since you could tap into your prior experience with volunteers, NGOs or community-building initiatives.
  • You were a genuine bridge-builder between the education and cultural sectors (where your contact network was quite impressive) and various groups in the community, such as youth, minorities, the elderly, as well as marginalized or vulnerable groups. This became visible through increased citizen participation in cultural events, initiatives and projects.
  • Your marketing and social media skills have really made a difference in how we communicated with audiences. We are now on a good track to bringing culture closer to citizens, widening and diversifying their cultural experiences.
  • It looked as though you were happiest and most fulfilled in direct contact with people: interacting with, listening to, motivating people to act. However, you did not shy away from office work, as well: drafting plans, budgets or various ad-hoc requests.
  • You have built and developed a small team. They are now an independent and passionate bunch that you are proud of, the very extension of you in the community.


To be continued…
Curious about the next chapters of these stories? Take your pick and imagine writing one of them yourself.

Our vision is to redefine Timisoara’s international cultural profile, overcome citizens’ passivity, generate a new sense of community, in brief to reignite ‘’the spirit of Timisoara’’, this time through culture. Join us in this Journey. We promise no 9 to 5 jobs, but we offer unchartered cultural territories to explore.

If you’d like any of the stories above to be yours, send your CV in Romanian and English to recrutare@timisoara2021.ro until the 1st of August 2017, specifying the position you are interested in. Don’t forget to include a maximum one-page write-up describing your role in a project/activity/initiative/experience that you are most proud of and consider relevant for the job in question.

Please note that Romanian language at mother tongue level with excellent writing skills and very good proven English skills (written and spoken) are mandatory. Knowledge of regional languages (Hungarian, Serbian, German, Italian, etc.) is considered an advantage.

The initial screening and interviews will be carried out by AIMS International Romania, Timisoara office, an independent HR consultancy, recruitment and training company. The final interviews will be conducted between 17-18 of August 2017 in both Romanian and English. We can hardly wait to start working with you – even as early as the 1st of September, if that suits you.