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Dear readers,

Since Timisoara was entitled European Capital of Culture 2021, the past two years have been rich and challenging. The StartUp Phase comes slowly to a close.

We brokered partnerships, took the pulse of the city and identified international partners. We faced obstacles and inspired debate. Like with all beginnings, we learned to navigate in unmapped waters. Timisoara is becoming a  European Capital of Culture.

We are humble in the face of the task delegated to us, not in our ambitions but in our expectations. We know
the journey will not be easy. And we are more convinced than ever of the development potential that Timisoara 2021 carries – for the city, for citizens and for culture makers.

The Action Phase begins. Our 2019 Programme is filled with collaborations, performances, concerts, exhibitions and
discovered spaces for culture. We feel the energy and a strong will “to shine a light”, by an ever-widening community.

Looking back on 2018, we see a season of new windows into our city. With grand events like BEGA!, Lumina Libertatii, Memoriile Cetatii and Moving Fireplaces, audiences met art in uncommon places. They participated in
workshops through the Power Station or partner initiatives like Slowing Down and Atelier Identitate. Guest artists from Italy (Teatro delle Albe), Spain/Basque Country and Northern Ireland (Windows), from Austria and Bulgaria (Lumina Libertatii), from Norway and New York (Re:Tracing Bartok) brought sparks from other European cultures.

Come Shine YOUR Light with us during 2019, as we take the next steps. Your’re reading News21 … and we promise to bring you regular editions, keeping you updated about Timisoara 2021 as well as about debates and events happening throughout Europe.

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