PRESS RELEASE – Monitoring Panel Letter of recommendations for TM2021

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The Monitoring panel has elaborated the letter of recommendations for Timișoara 2021 following its in-situ visit


In June, the Timisoara-European Capital of Culture Association has received the visit of members of the Monitoring panel of European Capitals of Culture, represented by Agnieszka Wlazel, Jiri Suchanek, Raluca Velisar, Valentina Iancu, the European Commission representative Gerald Colleaux and the Ministry of Culture and National Identity representative, Andreea Reisz.

Following the in-situ visit and monitoring of the Association’s activity as well as the content of the cultural program, and following discussions and meetings with representatives of the Municipality of Timişoara, the Timiş County Council, the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, cultural organizations and institutions from Timişoara ​​and civil society, the Board of Directors and the executive team, the Monitoring panel has issued a recommendation letter for this stage.

The members of the panel are pleased with the progress made by the Timisoara-European Cultural Capital Association under the existing operating conditions, the fact that the European dimension is visible in all the actions and projects organized by the team, as well as the ways of approaching the consolidation and developing resources for the successful implementation of such a project on a European scale.

Also, the recommendations identified in the letter are of both legislative and financial nature regarding the ways and terms of financing of the Timisoara 2021 project by local and central authorities, on a multiannual basis. The entire letter can be read here.

“The jury has expressed confidence in the TM2021 Association’s ability to implement the project, and the public authorities present at panel meetings have assured that financial mechanisms and cash flow will be improved. All those present understood that Timisoara 2021 is not just a Timisoara project, but a national and European one. The association will be able to implement the project more rapidly once the financial flow is constantly secured by the Ministry of Culture and National Identity and aims at reforming the organization at the level of members, the board of directors, and at the level of the executive team through recruitment, according to the plans set out in the bid book. The association will also launch an open call for proposals once the procedures and the right to organize such a competition will be clarified with the Municipality of Timişoara. It is very important that all public authorities have agreed to support the project in order to ensure its sucess in 2021. ”  says Simona Neumann, Executive Director of the Timişoara-European Cultural Capital Association.