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– The most important event of the year in contemporary art, in Timisoara –

Art takes on the most diverse forms, and in Timisoara, a Baroque city by excellence, the remains of this style are a benchmark to this day, albeit renewed as a presence.

Organized by the Timisoara Museum of Art and the Herczeg Foundation, BaroqueǁUrban is a pilot project for Romanian museums, marking a complex itinerary, starting with the Imperial Baroque collection, moving on to present day, through the monumental paintings of Gheorghe Fikl, and projecting a possible version of a Baroque future, in a dark room experimentarium, which is a concept created by French artist Josepha Blanchet.

The first segment of the exhibition, organized within the Baroque ||Urban project, focuses on the Baroque legacy of Timisoara, with collectibles from the Timisoara Museum of Art and from the personal collection of the Herczeg family.

The second segment of the exhibition brings to the foreground one of the most appreciated contemporary artists, Timisoara-born Gheorghe FIKL, in an innovative mixture of history, art and digital installation, representing an application of a modern form of coagulation of three important dimensions of the development of the city (past, present, future).

Thus, the exhibition is the past-present-future axis that brings to the foreground one of the most appreciated contemporary artists, Fikl being one of the top representatives of the Neo-Baroque. Fikl’s works are featured in the private collections of some of the most important royal houses in Europe, including in that of Charles, Prince of Wales, who owns to works by the artist.

This project aims to familiarize the citizens of Timisoara with a new concept of art synergy, but also contribute to the improvement of the city’s image in its candidacy to the title of European capital of culture, coming with a special, innovating, even tridimensional way of perceiving contemporary art by the wide audience.

The exhibition will take place at the Timisoara Museum of Art, between July 23 and September 23, 2016, and more details about the event can be found on

The opening of the exhibition will take place on July 23, 7 PM, in the Baroque Hall of the Timisoara Museum of Art.

Organizers: Herczeg Foundation and the Timisoara Museum of Art       

With the support of: Timisoara City Hall

Main partners: AZUR, BCR

Sponsors: Flextronics, Riello UPS, Garage Cafe

Partners: The European Capital of Culture, the French Institute of Timisoara, the Timis Cultural Directorate, Baroque Books & Arts

Media partners: Radio România Cultural, Designist, High Living, 24 FUN




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