The “We are Europe” Debate # 2

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Uncategorized / 1 June 2016 / Posted by Timisoara2021

The Timisoara European Capital of Culture Association, in partnership with ZURY Association, organized on May 30 of this year the debate entitled “We are Europe” #2. 

Young volunteers from Estonia, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey debated the possibilities of playing sports and working out in Timisoara. Valentin Mureșan, representative of the Alergotura Association, talked about how we can work out in public spaces with minimum equipment, together with other runners.

Paul Cojocaru talked about the “CS Nautic Banat” club, which is open to all lovers of water sports.

The conclusions of the meeting are interesting especially because they come from the ideas expressed by locals and expats alike. The latter were pleasantly surprised to find out about the active communities of those who work out, and the locals found out about the need of an association where locals can “adopt” an expat and ease their integration into the community. Perhaps the most daring conclusion is that the greatest impediment in working out are the excuses that many of us find when we don’t work out.

On June 20, 2016, we welcome you to discuss about ecology and what we can do in order to recycle more efficiently.