Timisoara’s 2021 schedule

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Positive attitude, civic participation and faith in winning the title of European Capital of Culture: Timisoara agreed on the schedule for 2021!

For a few hours, the Timisoara European Capital of Culture Association moved its offices into the public space. Thus, on Monday, May 23, 2016, the coordinators of the cultural program, the project curators and the European experts discussed for four hours with cultural operators and the civil society on the activities proposed for 2021 and agreed on the contents of the programs that will make the difference in this last stage of the candidacy.

By using the world cafe method and being open to the community, the members of the TM2021 team presented the contents of the candidacy file and added the finishing touches together with the audience. Students, cultural institutions, cultural operators, members of the civil society and the independent sector brought their own contribution to the candidacy file and expressed their trust in the potential of the city, discussing openly about the pluses and minuses of the program.

“The meeting at the beginning of this week was open to all those who organize events in Timisoara and who, in time, have taken our city’s name beyond borders. We loved the new wave of young people who didn’t hesitate to be honest and bring solid arguments and solutions that could very well win us the title. We would like to thank all those who passed by our one-day office in Piata Union, gave us their energy and their faith, as well as the courage to go on doing what we said we’d do together,” says Simona Neumann, Executive Director of the Timisoara European Capital of Culture Association.

About the event

The TM2021 Cafe Cultural II event took place on Monday, May 23 2016, in Union Square, and its goal was to complete the cultural program to be put forward in the candidacy file. The invitation was answered by specialists in the cultural and creative industries (design, publishing, IT, film, performance arts, music architecture), representatives of cultural institutions.

Candidacy calendar

The candidacy file for the final selection will be submitted on August 12 2016 with the Ministry of Culture. During September 8-12, the members of the European jury will visit the city. The final interview will take place at the Ministry of Culture, between September 15-16, followed by the notification of the final decision and the name of the winning city during September 16-17 2016.


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