Timisoara has officially announced its candidacy to European Capital of Culture.

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Uncategorized / 7 June 2013 / Posted by Oana Grimacovschi

Timişoara is running for the title European Capital of Culture 2021. During several events that took place in December 20, 2012, Mayor Nicolae Robu said that Timisoara enters the national competition with a desire to work as needed to win the title.
The first event of the day was the signing of the Charter in support of the candidacy. Foreign and domestic guests, including Euroregion mayors, members from the European Commission Representation in Bucharest, representatives of the Romanian Cultural Institutes abroad, athletes and former athletes from Banat and others signed the document and agreed to be supporters of Timisoara.
In Opera Square at the anniversary concert of Phoenix Band, Mayor Nicolae Robu said to the public gathered there that Timisoara deserves the title of European Capital of Culture. Also, in front of nearly 600 guests at the world premiere concert at the National Theatre: “Balkan Union with Csaba Toth Bagi, Mike Stern & Trilok Gurtu” the mayor delivered a speech on the candidacy of Timisoara and the reasons that based this decision.

“I am glad to be together with you this evening, December 20, in such a big number in this great hall of the National Theatre.
Today, December 20th is a special day for the people of Timişoara. It is the day that we will remember and keep forever, marking the liberation from communism as a national premier. In this moments, we can’t forget those who in December 1989 sacrificed their lives and for their courage and believe in freedom we should bring a tribute.
I suggest we keep a moment of silence for all those who have sacrificed their lives in December 1989. Thank you!
In December 1989, through their courage, people of Timişoara have shown that it is time for change in Romania, that the years of dictatorship have been enough. The revolt on the streets in such a large number on the 20th of December spurred the people from other cities and from that impulse, the ground stone was set so that Romania would be put into motion, and the totalitarian system would be removed.
Not coincidentally we chose this day, December 20, the day to make public our city’s candidacy to the title European Capital of Culture in 2021.
Why we think Timisoara deserves to be European City of Culture?

Firstly, I think, Timisoara is a city of multiculturalism, of multi-ethnicity, a city of diversity in general. In this city, people have lived in complete tolerance to one another, respecting and appreciating their differences.
Beyond these values, Timişoara is a strong cultural center with an important cultural agenda. The cultural institutions of the city are many and singnificant. Timisoara is one of the largest University centers in Romania and with international recognition. Timişoara is a powerful economic center.
Timisoara is a pleasant city, a city where locals and visitors enjoy spending their time. Timisoara has a great heritage of historic buildings.
It has, however, its weaknesses. This heritage of historic buildings should be rehabilitated because the state in which these wonderful buildings are doesn’t make us happy nor does it honor us.

The infrastructure of the city does not meet current standards and should be upgraded urgently. We know how much we have to do for this candidacy to be completed successfully. We believe in our potential and we believe in the ability to put in practice and complement this potential.
I want to tell you that we regard this position of European Capital of Culture for Timisoara as an extremely complex one. Timişoara must represent through this title not only herself, but the region, the Euroregion and of course Romania.
We dare to hope that we will get support at regional level, Euroregional level, national and European level (broadly speaking).
As closing remarks, I want to say that although Timisoara has a remarkable cultural agenda, for 2013 and all the years that follow it has to become much richer and consisting of more events with bigger impact then the ones before. This evening we have such a remarkable cultural event with world-class artists and certainly not by chance, you are here. It happens that a few meters away, in front of the Opera, there is another remarkable cultural event, the band Phoenix, from Timisoara, celebrates 50 years of existence.

What is happening today is a signal that Timisoara deserves to become European Capital of Culture in 2021 and all our efforts to be crowned with success in this tough competition.
I wish you Happy Holiday, a lot of joy and a great year in 2013. Have a wonderful evening!

Thank you”