Strategic partnership for “Timisoara European Capital of Culture”

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Uncategorized / 7 June 2013 / Posted by Oana Grimacovschi

The City Hall of Timisoara is getting involved in the candidacy project for the title of “European Capital of Culture” so it would  enhance the city’s chances in the competition which will take place in 2015.

On the evening of October 23, 2012, at City Hall it was held a meeting with representatives of several organizations involved in the project and the management team of Timisoara’s local authorities, where they discussed the directions of action in the next period.

Mayor Nicolae Robu said Timisoara benefits from an opportunity that has been carefully analyzed by the local government and will make every effort so that the city would benefit the most.

“I will be personally involved in this project. Almost in all that we do, all the projects we prepare for this city we prepare for the candidacy. The success to be European Capital of Culture will be seen especially afterwards. An example for us is Sibiu, which even after being European Capital of Culture it continued its development” said Nicolae Robu.

During the meeting, there have been established actions for everyone involved, concerning: linking the local strategy with the European Commission standards required for the candidacy, expending in the national and international networks, programs and local projects to mobilize all the citizens of Timişoara for this project.

Deputy Mayor, Dan Diaconu mentioned that the local administration is considering a plan to promote the city. “We want to get involved in this project with all our powers. Parallel to all other activities, an important component is the promotion and Timisoara’s PR”.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the Association Timisoara European Capital of Culture, from the Academy of Advocacy and from the Initiative Group Agora Timisoara. The three organizations are working on a public consultation project scheduled for November, on the city’s potential in the European context generated by the candidacy to the title of European Capital of Culture.